Aluboot - our history...

Aluboot is an original Hindeloopen company: founded on 11 August 1975, by mr. Borneman Sr. and since this day located at the harbour of the ancient town of Hindeloopen. Under Borneman's management, a team of specialists are building aluminium ships.

Before Aluboot was founded, Borneman Sr. was already building interiors for new ships. During this time he saw the possibility to expand his activities into building fully finished yachts . After contemplating building GRP yachts in cooperation with an English wharf, Borneman decided to start his own wharf in 1975 by acquiring the machinery and personel of a bankrupted aluminium builder that was located in Leeuwarden (NL). After finding a suitable location in one of the buildings on the Hindeloopen Yacht Harbour, the Borneman family started building their first Aluminium yachts under the Aluboot name.

Since then, the company has grown into the main supplier of KNRM lifesaver boats, and many customers who wanted a pleasure craft have profited from the broad experience that was acquired building these SAR vessels.

Aluboot built boats are recognised by their build-quality, proven technology and are built to the highest standards. The results is a yacht that retains its value while it is passed on from generation to generation.

The Borneman Family is still the driving force behind Aluboot ("Aluboat"). Contact them for an appointment to discuss the possibilities to build the yacht of your choice.