Aluminium snijden met waterstraal

Cutting of aluminium parts

Aluboot has a fully automated, computer controlled cutting machine that can cut aluminium but also a wide range of other materials, which can cut to slabs to CAD/CAM speciefied shapes in any current thickness.

Cutting is done using a ultra-highpressure watercutter. The advantages of this type of cutting machinery are:

  • No heat dissipation, so no deforming of the material around the cutting edges;
  • high accuracy and shape stability
  • no hazardious fumes or flying residue from cutting;
  • smooth and sharp cutting edge.

The customer (mostly specialised wharfs) supplies a CAD/CAm drawing, from which Aluboot will generate the necessary mappings, nesting of the different parts, generating the cutting control file and finally the actual cutting of the parts.

Aluboot will deliver the specified quality material upto a thickness of 180mm. It is possible to cut aluminium, steel, plastics and even glass.

Totall cutting length as well total time spent on the file preparations and cutting process will make up the total project price. The nesting and convertion of the CAD/Cam files into a nested cutting file will be calculated as extra work, based on time spent.


State-of-art cutting machinery